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Has your designer given you loads of different files for just one design? Why do I have all these files? What are they? What do all these different file formats mean? When you work in design there are a few … Continue reading

Graphic design is very underestimated in the time frame and efforts involved in creating a beautifully made design. Whether you are having a logo, leaflet or website designed, the designer must sit and speak to you about your requirements. Then … Continue reading

I was laying in bed the other night after receiving a new friend request on facebook. I messaged the person to say hello, this was done whilst lying in bed. I was sending the message to this message from my … Continue reading

I was sat in front on the PC last night doing a couple of proposals and I found myself working a lot more efficiently at that time of night. I always knew from when I was at college that I … Continue reading

Naturally we still need the voice to voice contact, its also good communication and good socially so it will never be replaced, but how necessary is it now days as it was 10 odd years ago (or even 5 years)? … Continue reading