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I was reading general news this morning and came across an article about a Christmas tree which has been put in the same place for the past 25 years. However this year, the local council has decided that this tree now needs a licence to be put up and one of the local residents would have to fill it out. The council has asked for:

  • A map of the tree positioning
  • A map showing the position of the lights
  • A map of road closures and diversions

Better still, highway bosses have also said they would need a copy of the letter sent to residents affected by the closures and traffic diversions, a copy of the Public Liability Insurance and a copy of the risk assessment for erecting the tree and putting up the lights.

They have had to pay out around £170 for a company to carry out the work for the document. So this has taken so many hours and resources just to put up the same tree that has been put up for the past 25 years?

It almost makes you think, why bother putting up a tree? But it stems further than just a tree, health and safety has been taken a tad far in this day and age.

Do you have any experiences of over the top health and safety laws? Do you agree with the laws? Tell us your opinion.

3 Responses to “Has Health and Safety gone too far?”
Lianda Payne commented on Wednesday 1st December 2010

Health and safety went too far years ago… mainly because common sense no long exists so we apparently need rules to make sure we don’t do something stupid, and blame others for it.

Norman commented on Wednesday 1st December 2010

Definitely gone too far!

Health & Safety – Not only in the work place, but also now in the home…

I mean, an Englishman’s Home ‘used to be’ his Castle, a place of privacy & solitude, so can someone please tell me why I am continually admonished by wife, family and visitors & indeed what is so very wrong if I do drink an average 10 pints of lager daily over a period of 8 hours slouched on my sofa in front on the TV, dressed in my favoured, unwashed string-vest & really comfy Primark ‘luxury-feel’ boxers….

…& so what if our lounge floor is littered with my empties, back copies of The Times (sports pages), only a very few discarded pizza boxes and the 50 odd ciggie butts that give me so much pleasure…

…& why should it involve Health & Safety or anyone even care if I personally dislike bathing that often?
C’mon guys, if it was okay for Queen Victoria to just bathe some 4 or 5 times a year, why can’t I try to be upwardly socially mobile like the Middletons and emulate Royalty…

Yep – ‘Elf & Safety’ has gone 2010 nuts!!

Len Watson commented on Wednesday 8th December 2010

Its not H&S thats gone over-the-top but some of the safety managers who are responsible for it have. While I agree with the issue with real christmas trees (Watch this video and be amazed – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPyrJbKJpIY)any fire will see the room of origin consumed even if the fire station is next door. The same does not apply to artificial trees. Simple rules should apply. Trees should be sited away from curtains, furniture and escape routes and lights must work from transformers. As for ensuring there are no road closures or diversions; stupidity is something we have to live with but there is no excuse for ignorance. Have a safe Christmas

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