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Will we see and end to websites as we know it? Naturally that can’t happen as places like linked in, Facebook, ecademy etc are all websites. But they are more than just a website, they are massive community platforms. Well … Continue reading

There has been a lot of talk about web 2.0 but web 3.0 seems to be creeping up on us suddenly. Let’s look back at what the different phases of web were: Web 1.0 what was it? It was your … Continue reading

A lot of business owners still believe that Facebook is only for private use to update their status, tell their friends what they are up to and upload pictures. On one hand this is correct, however Facebook has become so … Continue reading

Has your designer given you loads of different files for just one design? Why do I have all these files? What are they? What do all these different file formats mean? When you work in design there are a few … Continue reading

Microsoft has begun to push out its newest update to its “Mango” Windows Phone, to users today. Microsoft has been working on Mango for most of the summer and we finally get to see some of the updates that were … Continue reading

Yesterday in California, Microsoft announced the new Windows 8 software. Microsoft have now that Apples iOS and Googles Android platform are the big hits of the past 12months + and they need to keep up. Steve Jobs said we are … Continue reading

Sharing information has become a huge part of society of late and its imperative you are seen as the expert in your field/niche, so sharing the best information with your network is imperil. Of course doing this is time consuming, … Continue reading

I have been using foursquare over the past 5 months now more and more. Others may use other check in tools, such as Gowalla or Facebook places. I use foursquare because you can get special deals for being the “mayor” … Continue reading

A lot of talk lately has been going on about facebook fan pages, setting them up, how valuable they can be and not to mention low cost to maintain with no hosting fees etc. How do we know that this … Continue reading

As many of you are aware, facebook fan pages generally look like this: However Facebook have made some changes and now your page will eventually slightly change its layout too look like this: You get a lot more space at … Continue reading